Looking for a bit more engine noise - '95 90q
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Author:  RallyDogRacing [ Mon Jan 09, 2017 12:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Looking for a bit more engine noise - '95 90q

Ok Ok Ok. 90q with a v6, it's boat anchor I got it.

But here's the deal - we're headed up to Steamboat in a couple weeks to play on the ice again and last year 'Bloo' (aforementioned 90q) simply couldn't be heard on any of the videos or frankly even in cabin. It's about impressive as cleaning a floor with a mop... So while I know it won't really change any performance; what is the current group think on where to "find" some pleasant sound related to these boat-anchors?

Areas of creating noise, to satisfy my inner child...
Exhaust Side:

1a. punch the cats and maybe sleeve for a smooth'ish flow. [free or nearly so] I don't love this because it passes emissions currently
1b. make/buy some test pipes - effectively same as #1 but lets me retain functioning cats later removing all registration concerns
2. remove mid-muffler and replace with straight pipe / cheapie high-flow muffler that barely does anything
3. remove aft-muffler and replace with straight / cheapie high-flow muffler that barely does anything

Intake Side:
1. go low-tech and use a hole saw to open up the airbox on the 'dirty' side of the filter [free]
2. buy some cheapie cone filter and slap it on the MAF

So anyone who's got BTDT on the subject and can advise on "whatever you do, don't do X" I'm all ears. I will have to drive the car back from Steamboat to Houston so if it becomes a drone'a'tron on the highway because the things I did hit the perfect annoyance resonance, that would be a bummer. The entire goal is to have some audible presence on the various cameras that record our shenanigans, and also from within the cabin so I can 'feel fast'....

Author:  DE80q [ Mon Jan 09, 2017 1:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking for a bit more engine noise - '95 90q

When I got my B3, the PO had fabbed a straight pipe rear section. It still had the center resonator, but it was crazy loud. With my next setup, I used a factory rear muffler, with a straight piped resonator. That was pretty nice. It was loud enough to be audible, but not too loud. I know the difference between the B3 and B4 will be vast, but I would try deleting the center muffler first.

Author:  90mtl [ Mon Jan 09, 2017 6:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking for a bit more engine noise - '95 90q

Had a highflow cat, stock resonator and a rear magnaflow muffler. Definitely you could hear it, was sounding great but I got tired of the highway drone and went back to a stock rear muffler. Borla or remus should be even better based on some comment on audiworld 12V forum.

Back then, the general consensus was not to omit the stock mid resonator, without it, the sound tend to be raspy rather than full, round tone.

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