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"MAPI 90" Audi 90 20v quattro project?

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 Post subject: "MAPI 90" Audi 90 20v quattro project?
PostPosted: Wed May 17, 2017 8:59 pm 
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So I decided to make a thread on my Audi 90q 20v project I have been messing around with on my free time.
I picked her up sometime late last year from a guy in Indiana. Apparently, it was used as an ex-rally cross car and the interior was completely stripped then stuffed with a bunch of random parts. Other than some minor imperfections the body is pretty decent. The majority of the time till now was spent fixing half ass ghetto quick fixes the previous owner did(like using old hammer head to plug the hose that went to the aux radiator :lol: ), fixing vacuum leaks and cleaning up a bunch of butchered wiring. Other things I've done is swapping the factory bbs back on cleaned up the bare interior a bit put seats back in it, and put all the door glass back in, fabbed up a snub mount since it was missing one and straightened out some of the cut wirings. That being said there are some decent parts that the car does have like solid aluminum front subframe bushings, Bilstein shocks, and some other bits. Anyways, things that still need to be fixed is the lack of power brakes and power steering due to a leaking hose, leaking valve cover, and smoking that comes and goes.
I'm not too sure what I mainly want to build it to do but some future modifications I'm thinking of is:
Swapping an AAN in with 7a distributor running on a haltech e6x or turbo the 7A
Diy coilovers
Putting Bens s500 brembos on the front
redoing snub mount and make engine mounts also
Put in a roll cage
maybe hydro park brake
battery relocation
Tube part of the front end
This project most likely won't be finished anytime soon between college and an upcoming summer internship with GM Proving grounds.
Still, any thoughts or input is welcome and I'm going to post more pic on stuff I'm doing in the very near future :thanks:

18575307_10213158605067606_609684608_o.jpg [ 169.66 KiB | Viewed 78 times ]
18553831_10213158604267586_861331277_o.jpg [ 174.16 KiB | Viewed 78 times ]
18575786_10213158600947503_492312692_ott.jpg [ 286.95 KiB | Viewed 78 times ]

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