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Hello everyone. I really hope someone can buy this car and fix it up and give it a proper home.
I purchased this car in 2014. I live in a small town and used it as a daily driver all the way up until about spring of this year. The clutch hydraulics failed and likely is the slave cylinder. ( I did purchase a slave and master cylinder that will come with the car)
The location of the slave I don't feel like I can comfortably change it myself and all the german car mechanics near by are scared to work on this car as they don't know much about them. So for the last 6 months or so the car has just been sitting in my driveway. I have been starting it up and letting it run every couple of weeks. I can bleed the clutch and it will last about 10 pumps of the pedal. So I did take it around the block once and should make it easier to get on a trailer.
The other issue that should be addressed soon is the water pump area has a slow leak. So probably want to do water pump timing belt sometime soon. It's drivable as is , but will leave a small puddle over time. The only other issue is the ignition works to a point, but it failed a few years ago to start the car. A push button start has been wired up. So you still use the key to turn the ignition on , but use a push buttion for the final step.
Other than those issues this car is in very good shape overall. No major dents, there is a few chips and scratches from being 35 years old. Interior is in pretty good shape also ( I can get more pictures of it if anyone is interested)
This car has the locking center and rear diff. Both work correctly other than the little light bulb for just the rear diff has burned out. I have confirmed on ice that it still locks and you can see the mechanism move when you turn the nob.
This car has the optional forged aluminum Fuchs wheels which are worth quite a bit just by themselves.
I am open for offers on this. I am really wanting it to go to someone who will fix it up as it really is a special car and I don't want to see it rot away in my driveway.
Please feel free to ask questions.

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