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1988 Jetta coupe project for sale.

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Asking $7500.00 for whole project, plus all mk2 associated parts I have.
Doing this from my phone. Will post a complete list of parts when I get home from work.

I have receipts for all new parts. Just over $9000.00 total....

Posted complete list of parts below....

here is a link to the pics i have of this project ... 0fb9865903" onclick=";return false;
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rjc69 said:
Asking $9000.00 for whole project
is that a typo?
Not a typo..... have receipts for 90% of the parts... never been fired or ran. Car is still in fabrication stage...
Like posted above. Will list full project and parts list tonight...
ianCQ said:
rjc69 said:
Asking $9000.00 for whole project
is that a typo?
+1. Let me know if it sells for anywhere remotely around that price...
Here is the total list...

1988 Jetta Coupe' project.

New price for ALL, $7500.00 this includes EVERYTHING. 1988 Jetta Coupe, purchased for $2500.00--- asking $1500.00.
2000 Audi TT AWD transmission, shift box, cables, rear diff, and center drive line. purchased for $2000.00--- asking $1500.00
Garrett ball bearing turbo, t3/60-1. purchased for $1190.00--- asking $1000.00
tial 44mm wastegate. purchased for $407.99--- asking $350.00
apexi AVC-R boost controller.purchased for $569.50--- asking $450.00
HKS SSQV blow off valve. purchased for $240.00---asking $200.00
JE 83mm 9:1 forged pistons. purchased for $594.70--- ASKING $500.00
K-sport 12inch rotor 6 piston front brake kit. purchased for $1402.50--- ASKING $1200.00
K-sport 11inch rotor 6 piston front brake kit(was going to use as rear brakes) purchased for $1360.00--- asking $1100.00
K-sport Kontrol pro coil overs. purchased for $1071.23--- asking $900.00
Hand built intake manifold with 72lb injectors. would sell for $600.00 inc injectors
treadstone performance intercooler. purchased for $333.17--- asking $275.00
ESM 001sl wheels. 4x100 bolt pattern, 16x8 with 225/45zr16 tires mounted. payed $600.00 for the wheels. would sell for $500.00 with tires mounted.
Spec TT stage 4 6 puck clutch kit. purchased for $648.84--- asking $550.00
Spec TT steel flywheel. purchased for $389.92--- asking $350.00
MS-2 pcb3.57. purchased for $411.00--- asking $400.00 (will throw in relay box, tune cable, ms-relay cable)..
ARP head stud kit. purchased for $149.95--- asking $100.00
ARP main stud kit. purchased for 144.95--- asking $100.00
Zeitronics ZT-2 with exhaust probe (wideband controller). purchased for $488.00--- asking $400.00
144mm HD forged piston rods. purchased for $399.95--- asking $325.00
28"x16.5" radiator with fans and custom front lower cross member.
purchased rad for $159.95--- poss sold...
purchased fans for 45.00 each(there are 2.)--- poss sold...
Hand built cross member. would sell as a package for $400.00--- poss sold...
15 Gal alum fuel cell with foam and sending unit. purchased for $249.95--- asking 200.00
Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump. purchased for $319.99--- asking $300.00
There are a BUTT load of extra MK2 parts that also go with it.... I have a second pair of mk2 golf doors, 2 mk2 dash's, 2 center console's, etc.....

There are a lot of small parts I haven't listed. this project never made it out of fabrication stage.
A lot of the parts have never been out of there boxes.

All engine parts are for a vw 2.0l 16v. The tranny and rear diff are from a 2000 audi TT a 5spd. The clutch is for that tranny.

I already sold the rear beam assembly. Hadn't made it to the point of building the front axles yet....

I am leaving the VW scene.....
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first of all, new price tag means nothing on this forum.
second, what kind of parts are these? cos I see audi and vw.
you should make it clear, like: ARP head stud kit. for what engine?
JE 83mm 9:1 forged pistons, 4-5?
rjc69 said:
Asking $9000.00 for whole project, plus all mk2 associated parts I have.
Doing this from my phone. Will post a complete list of parts when I get home from work.

I have receipts for all new parts. Just over $900.00 total....

Posted complete list of parts below....
ok. you say asking $9k and the next sentence you say you have $900 in receipts. MUST be a typo somewheres in there. and listing what you paid and what you want, is kinda redundant. you paid a LOT more for some of this stuff than it is worth, even years ago like some of the stuff is. outdated and new doesnt command top dollar ya know....

you also state "Hand built intake manifold with 72cc injectors. would sell for $600.00 inc injectors". 72cc injectors wouldnt run a pit bike. you MUST mean 720cc?? or maybe 72 lb/hr injectors??

what motor? you state pistons and rods but nothing at all about a motor in there. is it 8 valve? is it 16 valve? is it 20 valve from the TT?

do you also include the rear subframe and suspension stuff, brake stuff from the TT? that COMPLETE PACKAGE is what sells, not parts and pieces. and that would be a 6 speed 02M correct? does it also have the front driveshafts required? is the clutch setup for the 02M Audi TT trans or is it for the 020 stock trans from the car originally?

clear concise info gets you more bites.

aaaaand, you joined for the sole purpose of selling stuff here? luckily, you are LOCAL to me, and i can see it or the stuff in person.

pictures will get you MUCH MORE interest, just sayin.

good luck with it all.
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For example..... ... Qgod6wsAew

There is the turbo at about $900 new.

I'd say you'd probably get $9000 if the project was finished but definitely not in parts.
I think we might have a troll in the forums.
rogermoz, that turbo link you posted is a journal bearing, not a ball bearing... the turbo I have for sale is a ball bearing.....

Aperently, you don't read too well....
Would consider trading parts for parts.
Looking to lift my 2000 Jeep TJ....
Always entertaining watching constructive criticism result in little bitch fits. Sounds like a cool project, but you presented yourself quite poorly...and that isn't anyone's fault but your own.
One of my dream VAG drivetrain-body combos. Would've been such a cool project if it was ever finished.
my buddy is selling an R32 swap with his mk2 coupe jetta for 4g. car is complete. hit me up.
If your interested in buying parts, please say so. If not, please keep your snide comments to yourself.
Joey is the guy whose logos are on my car. the whole back hatch window, the side skirts, across the lower windshield.

tell him i said hi when you whine to him about how much of a REALIST i am. matter of fact i will probably see him before you do.
Tell him hi for me then.....
I apologize for my rash comments above. The nit picking over a couple of small typo's got on my nerves.

Speeding g-60, you actually know me kinda. 3 years ago at pacific waterland is where we first met. I was there with my brother and his car. The very bright green 85 gti...

I took personal offence to the first couple of posts, sorry...

Age and life style changes (Harley and jeep related) is why I'm leaving the vw scene.
It no longer interests me... The project was going to be an AWD 2.0l 16v coupe.

All in all, sorry for the earlier harshness. Please let me know if your intetested in any of the parts.
Pics of some of the parts, as well as most of the fabrication can be found in the link on the first post.
All typo's have been corrected.
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