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1990 Audi 200 Quattro For Sale - $1800

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It's come time to sell my 200. I've owned it since 2010 when it had about 184,xxx miles. It currently has about 203,700 on the clock.

Car is located in Fort Collins, CO
$2000 OBO

2.2L 5 Cylinder Turbo Engine (MC2)
Dialynx exhaust manifold (rare, no cracks)
Single pass intercooler
Turbo BPV
Intended Acceleration chipped ECU (15-18psi)
034 Motorsport silicone intercooler hose
034 Motorsport silicone water hoses (complete set)
H&R sport springs
Bilstein sport shocks
4x Hella 700FF Driving lights on custom mounts
Audi V8 rear tail lights/smoked
17x7 sport edition wheels on ContiExtremeContact tires 60% tread left
Rally Armor mud flaps

Drivers seat is worn and ripped. Patched together with tan colored duct tape.
Intermittent hard starting when cold. Once started runs fine. (CIS do I need to say more?)
Paint has clearcoat peeling on trunk and roof.
Muffler is cut after rear axle.

Comes with 3 volume service manuals (Bentley)

I can take more specific pictures for interested parties.

Project thread on Motorgeek:

Service History since I've owned vehicle:


Replaced Fuel Filter - BOSCH
Timing Belt - Conti
PS Belt - Conti
Alt Belt - Conti
O2 Sensor - BOSCH
ISV Temp Sensor
Distributor Cap/Rotor - BOSCH
Water Pump
Thermostat - Original Spec
Front Main Seal - Victor Reinz
Head Gasket - Victor Reniz
Head Studs - Victor Reinz
Exhaust Manifold Studs/Gaskets - Victor Reinz
Intake Manifold Bolts/Gaskets - Victor Reinz
Injector seals - lower/upper
Turbo gasket


Changed Oil/Filter w/ Mobil1 15W-50 & Mobil1 Oil Filter
Transmission fluid replaced - Redline MT-90
Rear diff fluid replaced - Redline 75W-90
Spark plugs replaced - NGK BP6ES


4x Hella 700FF w/ wiring inside cabin
4x Intermotor FJ135 CIS fuel injectors
15ft silicone vacuum line
Remanufactured distributor
Bosch BPV
3B intercooler


Mobil1 15W-50 5qt
Mobil1 205 oil filter
Custom heat shield for intake
lubricate passenger rear caliper sliders
Injector air shrouds and gaskets


Oil change Mobil1 15-50w w/ 205 filter
Rotated tires front to back

Resealed throttle body + cleaned
Resealed air hose outlet to ISV
Cleaned fuel distributor assembly and air flow plate
Reset fuel mix to avg 50% duty cycle
Resolidered ECU connector pins
Resoldiered Dashboard connector pins
Fixed intermittent voltage gauge readings
Reclamped all boost hoses including IC inlet

Replaced coolant expansion tank
Replaced coolant expansion tank cap
Replaced fuel filler cap
Replaced heater core + cleaned heater box
Cleaned brushes on HVAC blower motor
Relayed Fuel pump to battery voltage, installed in drivers side truck w/ 25A fuse
Resealed fuel pump cover and bolts


New A/C compressor
New dryer replaced.
System charged with R-12


replaced all coolant hoses w/ 034 silicone
flushed coolant, resealed sensor housing


Oil Change 5qt 15W-50
Mobil1 M1-205 oil filter


K&N air filter
5x BP7ES spark plugs


Replaced stock springs with H&R sport
Replaced front tie rod ends
Replaced drivers side outer CV boot


Bleed clutch line
Bleed brake lines - DOT 4 synthetic
Changed oil - 15/50w Mobil1 synthetic
Mobil1 M1-205 Filter
New MFTS connector and wiring
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That thing is GANGSTER...

But I own 4 cars and live in no dice :-(
Saw it on CL.. Nice build.
So much want. If only I were out west
Really? People want me to part it out?

I don't think I can deal with cutting it up. I would rather sell it as one piece even if the price needs to go down.

Great example! Nice ride, Stuck In Ohio sadly
I almost want to fly out to get this. I'm just not in a place right now to do that.
Don't part it! I'll come get it if you still have it later. ;)
as much as there are certain parts I selfishly want, don't part it out.
I was just thinking that this is the perfect 'next 200TQ' for you BloodRed. And it matches your username 8).

BloodRed said:
I almost want to fly out to get this. I'm just not in a place right now to do that.
Don't part it! I'll come get it if you still have it later. ;)
It's pending sale, deposit taken.
Good to hear man.

peterpeterson said:
It's pending sale, deposit taken.
...and sold!
Someone got a good deal... :thanks:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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