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Unfortunately the time has come to get rid of one of the cooler cars I have owned , this is a 1990 90 with a swapped MC and EFI. The car originally came from a field in Oregon, was using as a daily for a while but the defrost doesn't work which makes it hard to drive in the winter. I could ramble on about the story of the car but I will spare that for now., so here are the specs.

The good:

MC 5 cylinder turbo
rebuilt cylinder head(cam journals cracked on the original)
ARP head studs w/mls head gasket
034 wastegate diaphragm
2.2 bar spring
recent K24 swap
034 1c EFI
custom intercooler
custom catch can setup
custom 2.5in v banded exhaust with Milltek resonators
custom coilovers with QA1 springs
JHM solid short throw shifter
3d printed vent boost gauge mount
17" 1552 Tarmac wheels in gold
Morimoto HID headlights
Condor speed hood vent

The basics:

Fresh tune up (plugs,cap,rotors,wires, ff)

new radiator
new rear diff side seals
new front outer cv boots
new brake pads and rotors front rear
new NOS sunroof seal
new NOS oil pressure sender
new engine and transmission mounts
new windshield
all new relays


It needs to be actually tuned, it is running a base MC map at 15lbs. It def feels like it has more to give, hard to find people that know about the 1c's

there is no cold start tune, if its cold it will run like it has a carburetor on it. Once it warms up its fine

Body is in fair shape for the age, has its cosmetic flaws and some passenger quater panel damage(previous owner)

Passenger inner tailight is cracked, I have had a hell of a time trying to find a replacement.

the shifter does this weird thing where on decell it hits the driveline, I think it has to do with the subframe bushings being bad. Replacing the mounts helped but its still there. Have 034 billet subframe bushings not installed.

the shifter coupling is also bad, that has also made the shift shaft seal leak fluid. I have a new coupling and seal.

cant switch to defrost or the vents, only floor. I have replaced the hvac unit with an NOS one, also replaced the vacuuum module under the dash. Still nothing, I bet its the actuator motor for the defrost flap. It does have heat though.

no rear defrost, you can hold the switch down and make it work. I bet its the switch

It kills me to even want to get rid of this car, a couple months back I took it to Griots Garage for a euro car show thing and the amount people that were taking pictures and telling me what a cool car it is was really awesome. That's why I love these older Audis, you don't seem them anymore and when you do it brings back only the best of memories.

Asking 4000obo for car or 4500 with extra set of winter tires and wheels (see pics) Also have a set of front seats from a V8 that I was going to make work for the 90 that can be yours too 253-232-8238 -Randy I also realized I only take pictures of the same angle...with all my cars . So If you want more just ask

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