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1990 Coupe not running (how much to pay)

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I talked to a guy in calgary (1000km from me) that has this car sitting there.He also has a red rs2ed coupe an an 86 coupe he bought new.So it sounds like he know these cars.He bought the car(silwer) running for a parts parts and then bought another 1990/1 coupe(red) for a parts car.He offered me the silwer one not running at the moment.Body has very little rust if any but he is not sure what it will need to run.Its got a cloth interior.

How much would be a reasonable offer to make him?
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Zero dollars.
probably $300 (scrap price) -$1200 unless it is an exceptional car that is known to be awesome other than a known easy fix to make it run.
Hard to say. I paid $1000 to a guy for a pearl/black leather 1990 coupe Quattro last month that I drove 300 miles back home. I thought it was a good deal, but without knowing what it needs, it's tough to price it out.
How many miles on it and condition?
i paid 1k for a mint exterior and mint interior coupe quattro to build up. motor and tranni were shot but not having rust was a plus around here. that being said, i've paid 500$ for a running shotty car.
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