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Time has come to sell some Audis and purge the herd. This S4 was bought from some random guy in Fremont, CA who had no idea what it was and only bought vehicles to flip them and make a profit. Thus, no maintenance of any kind was done, and the car did not run/drive when I purchased it.
The vehicles original owner before the random guy bought it from the east coast, Philadelphia I believe. being an east coast car, IT HAS RUST. I have gone underneath and sprayed the underside with a rust remover. I also POR15'd a couple things and replaced really rusty parts with non-rusty parts from my parts inventory. He had the car serviced by 2Bennett in Davis, CA. I have all the paperwork plus original paperwork from the vehicle (original bill of sale, window sticker, etc.)
I have put a fair amount of work into this S4 already but not as much as I would have liked to. Unfortunately, time has been against me and I can no longer focus on it like I want. I never planned on keeping this car. Just saving it and putting it back out into the Audi community. Hopefully. This S4 is by no means immaculate and I want to be very transparent about everything. It is a great runner as I have driven to work and back a few times and just needs more work by someone willing to put the time in.

Cons/things it needs:
-Paint job. Looks like it was previously painted, but it was either not a good job or it was just never taken care of properly.
-Shocks. The current Bilstein shocks seem to be blown. Gives the car a SWEET raked stance though ;)
-Tires. Current tires on original wheels are old. S4 will come with a full set of S6 wheels with good winter tires.
-Lower door trim is showing wear
-Drivers seat bolster has tear
-Rear headliner is starting to sag
-One of the doors is not covered in alcantara like the others. no clue why.
-Typical sunroof cover tab broke off and cover is off
-Good condition UrS6 bumper. Installed.

Pros/things it has or will come with:
-Genuine RS2 exhaust manifold installed by 2Bennett
-RS2 Comp turbo (needs rebuild) with supporting RS2 chipset and RS2 spec injectors. Not installed
-2Bennett camber plates with H&R springs/Bilstein shocks (shocks need to be replaced)
-Brand new VDO oem fuel pump installed
-Brand new SACHS clutch installed along with new Master/slave cylinders
-TAP tuned ecu installed. Unsure what stage but it has a 2.5bar MAP sensor
-UrS6 3 spoke steering wheel. Not installed.
-1.8T black top coil conversion kit with Apikol coil cover installed
-034 fuel pump relay. Not installed.
-Good condition UrS6 bumper. Installed.
I'm sure I am forgetting some stuff as always and will likely throw in some more parts/random pieces to whoever picks this up. I have a plethora of UrS parts at my place.

Asking $6500 and the price is NOT firm. I am not making any money off this car and I'd just like to see it go back into community and be taken care of. Still unsure if that is even a fair price.

Please ask any and all questions you'd like about the S4. I'm more than happy to answer. I have more pictures at request.

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