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1993 S4 for sale SF Bay Area

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Hey there Audi fans

I'm interested in selling my 1993 S4 w/167k
I purchased the car about 5 years ago locally.
At that time had the TB and water pump cps replaced.
The car came out of Utah currently registered in CA

emerald green w/tan interior.
Definitely not a show queen but not totally roached either.
Strong engine that passed CA smog.
5 spd trans shifts flawlessly, good clutch and brakes.
Original wheels
clean bumper covers front and rear.
clean headlights.

Clear coat has failed.
Needs a rigid metal PS hardline T that has corroded and developed a leak.
One cracked trunk lid lenses.

This car has been stored for the better part of the last four years.
Good project or parts car although I'm very confident that with a couple of hours of work this car could be ready to drive across the country
Give a call any time with any questions or interest.
asking $2875 or best offer

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