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Here I have my 1993 Audi urs4. It has right around 252k miles on it. Everything works on this car! A/C, heater, heated seats, etc. New brakes and front shocks. Timing belt done recently. Interior is nice, though the driver seat has seen better days. It has an straight exhaust- cats to straight pipes all the way back. Not incredibly loud, but also not quiet. Passed smog with flying colors a few months ago. It has 034motorsport coil harness and ignition coils. A new clutch master cylinder was installed last month.
Front bumper is cracked and missing grills. Front driver's speaker is squealing.

The car starts up, shifts, and drives excellently! It is currently my daily driver and I have had zero issues with it. Drives to San Diego are handled with ease. Smogged, clean title, ready to go.


Someone buy this so I can get back to my roots! Have the car I need lined up.

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