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Is my price too high or too low?

  • Too high by more than a grand, seriously bro

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  • Too high but not by much

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  • Right on, hope somebody good gets it

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  • Too low, can't find this low-miler UrS4 anywhere really

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Yes, 81k original miles! $11,400 obo/ trade + cash

5-speed manual transmission, moonroof, black leather interior in excellent condition (driver's seat included because I've always had a sheepskin cover on it), Bose stereo and cd changer, heated seats front and rear, locking rear differential if you get stuck and want out . All-season tires with about 70%+ tread remaining.
Body and paint - very good condition - there are only a couple of very small door dings with no paint damage (Update: professionally PDR'd dings and it looks perfect now) and little to no "road rash"/paint chips on the car's front panels. NO rust. I am the third owner. Clean Carfax and maintenance records available upon request.
Upgrades - I've upgraded the brake lines, the wheels to the B5 S4 Avus 17" wheels (perfect shape) and otherwise this S4 is OEM.
I am only selling this because I am looking into buying a home in the near future. Very sadly this means selling this beautiful piece of German engineering to help with the downpayment. I would like very much for this car go to an Audi enthusiast who will take care of it with the attention to detail and appreciation that I have given it. I never raced this car, rallied it, dropped the clutch on it, or abused it in any way.

Mechanical condition and history: Very good - No fluid leaks, maintenance is up to date, only synthetic oil (either Castrol GTX or Mobil 1) with BG MOA was used. November of last year I flushed all the fluids including brake fluid, transmission fluid and coolant (Audi red). The clutch is original to my knowledge, is tight and in great shape. I only ran premium gas.
Notable mechanical repairs under my ownership include: stainless steel brake lines installed, valve cover gasket replaced, starter replaced, new brakes and rotors two months ago, and new power radio antenna.
The timing belt is up-to-date as conveyed to me by previous owner and good to go until 100k miles. I of course had my Audi mechanic inspect it anyway upon purchase and he confirmed the condition of the belt (good with no cracks/imperfections) corroborates this.

Repairs needed: The power steering pump began leaking fluid at a very slow rate about 6 months ago and I just added the Audi-recommended fluid from time to time. For reasons unknown, it no longer seems to be leaking after I last added fluid about 2 months ago, so it is really at the buyer's discretion and not really a need. I recommend replacing the headliner because it is coming down from the ceiling in the rear - I have lined up a technician at a reputable shop to have it repaired at my cost when I have found a buyer. The lower grill inserts in the bumper cover are missing - I have those lined up as well for a buyer. The brake pressure accumulator seal that holds pressure when the car is off is leaking, but when the car is running there is no problem whatsoever and the unit consistently operates as intended - this just means that the brake light comes on the first 15-20 seconds after ignition and then goes off.

Price and related options: $11400 or best offer - I'm willing to negotiate. Cash or certified funds only. I'd be open to considering a 90 20v sedan, TDI, or VR6, BMW sedan (318i/is, 325i, 328i E30 or E36), possibly another S4 or S6 + cash swap (provided very good to excellent condition of the proposed vehicle) in that specific combination of car plus cash. No automatics, of course. I might be open to other vehicles + cash as well, doesn't hurt to ask. Sorry, no CQ's unless it's an extra special one - I'm 6'4" and they're a little cramped for me.

Pre-purchase mechanical inspections at local and reputable Audi shops are welcomed at the expense of the interested party. Any out-of-state buyer will be responsible for shipping if needed - I have connections and would be happy to help in any way I can though. If you'd like a picture of any particular part of the vehicle as a prospective buyer I'd be happy to send you more.

Contact: Via PM, or email me at [email protected] (goes straight to my phone). :pics:


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