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1995 Audi 90 B4 part out

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Very high quality donor car. Tree fell on roof (does it get better?)

FWD Automatic. Car runs well and drives fine.

Let me know what you need. Prices are fair and get lower if you bundle. email to [email protected]

Complete car must go.

Sold or spoken for:
Front seats
Passenger headlight

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Where is it located?

I could use the steering column stalk switch for headlights if everything on it works.
Car is in NH near Keene

How about $35 for the stalk? Yes - everything works

ship to zip code?
Quick bump for good guy and good prices. Sorry I had to back out for now Randall.
Interested for the small serpentin tube in the front of the radiator. It use for oil coolant.
Ignition POS (the coil driver thingy on the firewall bracket)?
Looks like the one on the right.

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Oil tube and ignition part pulled shipping tomorrow

lots sold. tons left.

let's make a deal

Yup - got both halves- very good condition, with all fasteners. Also have rubber seal if you need it

$25 rain tray
$10 rubber seal
$20 shipping to Canada

let me know I can ship Monday
pm sent for motor mount.
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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