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I am engine swapping a M62B44TU into my 1995 E34 530i 5 Speed (M60B30) Calypso Sedan

Some backstory;
Picked this engine up as a deal along with some M5 sport seats, the VANOS is rebuilt, and came from a 2003 M-Sport 540i wagon. I am working with what I got, this option was convenient for me as there are little to no aftermarket parts in Buffalo, for cheap. (Hoarders)

My current setup inside the chassis is an M60B30 and a 5-Speed ZF transmission, with a stock differential, presumed to be open an differential.

The main plan is to purchase a wiring harness adapter from Condor Speed Shop, some pink M60 VIP engine, and transmission mounts also from Condor, and swap over the M60B30 timing chain covers to mount the crank position sensor and keep my 5-speed ZF transmission. I have done some reading and I skimmed over a few posts claiming the M60B30 timing chain covers will not fit an M62B44TU. If this is the case, I may either fabricate a mount or I will ditch the 5-Speed ZF and get a Getrag 420g 6-Speed.

As for my differential, I have a 3.15 E32 750il Limited Slip Differential, with a small piece of the drive shaft attached, along with 540i axles and brake calipers to fit the LSD. (I think the 3.15 is a large case but I don't remember) I am simply going to make a frankenshaft so it fits the new diff, there's a shop that will cut it up and weld it for me.

Now for the areas that I need guidance in:

  1. Does anyone recommend a specific standalone ECU instead of an OEM DEM/ECU or the condor wiring harness adapter?
  2. Do I need to upgrade my fuel pump or any fuel-related systems?
  3. How is this engine going to work out with a 5-speed (or possibly 6-speed) and a 3.15 LSD for casual pulls and cruising?
  4. What radiator should I put in this car? I'm thinking E38 CSF radiator or E39 CSF radiator.
  5. How do I work out the alternator cooling since TU is water cooled alternator?

One last thing, do not tell me in the comments that "M62B44TU is not what you want" I already bought it because I got a deal on it with some M5 sport seats, there are no local M60B40s in Buffalo NY that are cheap. It's not like the west coast, we don't get a whole lot of parts or part-out cars, seems like a lot of e-chassis wound up down south or on the west coast.

Here are some pics of my car, there's not a single spec of rust anywhere on the car and it has 150k miles. Also not any dents just some swirls.

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