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1995 model 90 2.8 V6

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Looking at buying one. have never been a fan of the v6 but need a car. What kind of mileage can I expect these engines to get. Properly maintained of course?

How hard is the timing belt job on one of these, and how expensive if I pay someone to do the job for me?
I've done 3 timing belt jobs on I5's already.

Thanks guys,
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What 23 views and no answer? Where's Dana when I need him?

From the model guide
Fuel Economy
City: 20 mpg (18 mpg auto) 19 mpg
Highway: 26 mpg (26 mpg auto) 25 mpg
Thanks Austin! Now I have to find the tools...
The tools can be found relatively cheap off ebay.
I got an average of 23mpg mixed driving.
Timing belt is not too bad as long as you got the cam locking tool.
Local Audi/VW shop charges 1k for timing belt service.

The 12v 2.8 v6 is an awesome reliable engine. I drove my 90q to almost 200k without much trouble (bought it at 140k), had to add 3/4 of a quart between oil changes and the only time it didn't start was when the cam positioning sensor went.
90_Koop said:
What 23 views and no answer?
say... How do you see how many views against a post?
Timing belt job is easy. I usually get about 20 mpg in my 5 speed cabriolet and never do any highway driving - except this week to St. Louis and back. Got about 26 mpg on that drive at 80mph

I'm about to part a cabriolet with this engine. I will be selling the TB kit I just put on it and can likely loan the tools. I bought the cab with a broken serpentine belt and replaced it along with the timing belt job. Got it running no the transmission is shot too. Hence parting out a new timing belt kit
I have done 20+ timing belts on 12v 2.8s without the bar. Its to the point now where I can do a B5 A4 in 90 minutes. Would probably take me a little longer than that for a B4.

If you take your time, use common sense, don't take shortcuts or risks you can do the 2.8 without the bar, easy.
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