Posting up this b5 for sale. I have owned this car for a lil over a year now. I’ve spent way too much money on it, and now it’s time for it to go. The person I bought this car from told some pretty big lies in order to sell it, so I’m just kinda over it. I’m listing it up for best offer as of right now to see what the interest is on it. If anyone is interested you can hit me up on my email, [email protected], that’s the best way to get in touch with me.

1999 A4
2.8l V6
5 sp manual
157,425 miles
Icy silver metallic
18x8 BBS REPS with pretty fresh continental rubber
New axles all the way around less than 2k miles
New 034 Motorsport street density bushings on front
New struts and shocks all the way around as well as new shock mounts on rear.
New PowerFlex Black bushings on entire rear suspension with 034 Motorsport fully adjustable upper control arms. 034 Motorsport adjustable rear sway bar links. All aligned professionally after, drives straight and true.
Car has PES2 supercharger Kit with computer and injectors. I feel like it really needs a tune, it runs a lil rich.
Slick top car ( no sunroof)
Electric cloth sport seats
New headliner
Has S4 exhaust with gutted cats, sounds decent, it’s loud and drones around 55-60 but is pretty chill after that range. (Who ever did the exhaust needs welding lessons but it doesn’t leak that I know of)
5% ceramic tint, dark but cool.
Mk1 TT big brakes on front.
Braided stainless brake lines all the way around.
Short throw shifter
Heavier sprung clutch
Lightened flywheel
All that being said, I know I left out a ton, I have done a ton to it as well as the previous owners. It does have some issues with the sound system. I don’t know what’s up with it, it’s an after market head unit and i haven’t taken the time yet to dive into it. The AC works, but it has a leak somewhere that I haven’t traced down yet. The CEL is on for the performance goodies and the usual O2 sensor. The paint is in decent shape for a 23yr old Audi. Clear is starting to peel on the roof a lil but not too bad. The hood was re-sprayed before I got it, so it’s still nice. I can’t think of much else. Hit me up with an OFFER.

[email protected]