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2001 a4 1.8t 5 speed black on black for sale

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Need gone ASAP ill post pics in a couple hours. $800 firm runs needs clutch and oil pump pickup cleaned out, low oil pressure at idle wont pump up chain tensioner till about 3k rpm. No bent valves, but needs screen cleaned so tensioner doesn't fail and càuse damage. If u respond before I post the pics ill text u photos. Thanks
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Where in CT?
East haddam between saybrook and middletown
Dropping price need this car gone. New price $600. Someone please get this car out of my yard it's complete but needs to be towed please call with questions or let me rephrase please call for address to come pick up 860-949-4286
Just get it outta here good to swap in 4k or something small. Good bumpers an lights. I don't want to scrap it but if it doesn't go in a week it's gotta go to the scrap yard and I'd hate to do that
Tim buy this then trade me for my 90 lol
i wished this shit would happen near me...
Me to kuma. I started this post cheap, then when cheaper. I've had people saying they were interested since my first post and still no one has actually come look at it or bought it. Peope keep saying I want it, what's worse is there's people on here that live 25 min away saying they want it then just disappear as soon as I try to make arrangements for them to see first in person. I don't get it, what's going to happen next is everyone and myself is going to lose it, as is, it's going to get squished in a crusher and I'm going to hate that if it happens but after this weekend I'm out of time....
i feel ya, thats a very sad thing to see and hear.

i live in texas and aomething like this popped up near me, id jump on it. hope you have better luck
I'm right there with you too, people tell me they want something and make me an offer, I accept, then....poof! They vanish. Idon't get it? It's a waste of thier time too, but I just dont unnastan.
josh, i want the such and such. ill pick it up today
I've shown interest it's just the motor issues scare me. To much of a unknown for me.
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