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2010 a4 2.0 exessive brake dust.. wtf?

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My girl has this car.. Auto matic.. After 2 weeks, the front wheels are caked.. Any one seen this? Solutions? Thanks!
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my mom has a b8 A4 as well, has the sport 18" s-line wheels. can't go 1 day of driving without them being covered. and i waxed the shit outta them too. it wipes off nicely but damn. time to get some ceramic pads on them i guess lol
Ceramic would help?
They all have excessive brake dust. Even my 1998 with an Audi brake job. Quiet brakes that stop ok is the idea and avoid warranty and brake job come backs. I freaking hate brake dust so i switched to ceramic pads. Ceramic pads have their pluses and minuses,they work better after theyve warmed up a bit,unlike semi metallic. Metallic pads chew rotors more than ceramic so i guess Audi gets to sells more parts when doing a brake job but ceramic pads usually cost more. Lots of opinion here and everywhere if you look around. I use ceramic on all my cars,but thats just me.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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