I have a bit of a project for someone special.

In another week or two, I will most likely have a local dealer buy my car, for WAY less than what the parts are worth. So here's the deal...

Over a year ago, I popped Cyl#5 (0 compression)... which is pretty common on the 3.0t. So I weighed my options... part it out, replace the motor, or light it on fire and file an insurance claim.

I went with option B.

I paid one guy for a 60k motor. Two months later, he still didn't ship it out and it took another month to get my money back.

I paid another guy for a 50k motor. It shipped quick and got stuck at a shipping depot for almost a month. When it finally arrived, it was completely seized and oil sludged. So I shipped it back and got my money back, another month after that.

I finally get a 3rd motor lined up, again 50k on the clock... and it arrives in what looks like great shape. Even my tech was like, "this is the best used motor I've ever seen." By the time I had it installed, less than 300 miles later, I get a small misfire. Sure enough, another cylinder was low compression (100psi cold).

So I'm essentially done with the car at this point. The seller of that final engine isn't helping at all, as he insists the engine was healthy. I know I didn't even beat on it or do anything that could harm it. So... yeah...

The rundown on the car:

AWE Upper Pulley
JHM 189 Crank Pulley
JHM DP ECU/Trans Tunes
IE Port Matched bigger TB (tapped for meth)
AEM V2 Meth kit
VastAZ Ported Charger (new needle bearings, oil, and IC bricks)
Merc Racing HX
CWA-100-3 coolant pump
Velocity AP Cooling Ports
JHM Test Pipes (Heat Wrapped)
AWE Resonated Downpipes
Magnaflow resonator
Supersprint mufflers

Eibach Pro Springs
Eurocode F/R Swaybars
Eurocode F/R Endlinks
Michelin MXV4 Tires (less than 8k miles)
Drilled/Slotted Rotors up Front w/fresh pads (installed at engine swap)

eBay RS6 grills up front
S-line diffuser in the rear

I know where I'm at when I go to the dealer. So I'm asking for offers from the community, being yall will hopefully see the value in this kind of project.

The car is in Phoenix, Az. Yall can call/text me at (520) 250 - 5071 for any questions or pictures you need.

Here's a link of a solid dyno run (Pre-popping and pre Port/Meth setup)