I have some spare 20vt and other parts left from projects some unused.

big ticket items:
Brand new Wagner sport Quattro replica manifold with T3 flange—$1200 Shipped

Brand New EFI Express VEMS 7a turbo standalone with add on harness and every option they offer—$750 shipped

clean 7a cylinder head with no cracks or damage—$500 + shipping

7a valve cover—$250 shipped

AAN windage tray—$200 shipped

3b 200 20v engine harness—$350 shipped

urs4 instrument cluster—$200 per piece

Porsche front brakes with BIRA brackets for coupe or urs4. Can’t tell or remember—$600 shipped.

two 7a MAF’s—$125 shipped per piece.

two 7a throttle bodies—$100 per piece.

i have some other body panels, suspension, interior and brake parts so just ask.