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2nd speed rad fan always runs and relays clicks repeatedly

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So my radiator fan started constantly running with the key in the on position and/or with the car actually running, even when the car is started from completely cold. At the same time the 2nd speed fan relay (#2 in the main fuse panel) constantly clicks repeatedly pretty fast, about twice a second. I tried unplugging the radiator temp switch, the after temp sensor, and what i think is the pressure switch for the AC (which doesnt work btw, and the belt is removed) and none of them change anything. and I tried swapping out that relay with 2 different spares that both do the same thing..

So what are the other triggers for that relay and/or the fan? I cant make sense of the wiring diagrams.. Any other thoughts?! thanks a lot

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Is the climate control on or off when you turn the key on? Try unplugging the afterrun temp sensor on the water manifold.
I thought the climate control didn't effect it, but i just went out and played with it some more and it will remain the same in all the cc modes except defrost, when i hit that button it stops, and stays off as far i can tell, until you change to any other setting, weird.. gremlins in cc ctrl unit..? but feel like im missing something else
It should run with the CC on every setting but ECON. Only exception is in very cold weather.
just to update this for anyone in the future, it was a bad climate ctrl unit that was causing this
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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