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3B plugs, which to run?

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So my frined just got a 20v (woot) and he brings it over today to check some things out. pull the plugs and they are denso iridiums. DENSO. in a 3B? i say no way and just run the F5DP0R, but was just curious as to what kind of plugs everyone else has run in these and the results. I know my dad runs the oem or there is one other plug that has been sorta successful and that is some hard to find ngk 3-electrode plug (forgot the pn).
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I have the Bosch tri-electrode copper FR5DTC in my stock 3b. They are a much cheaper plug than the F5DPOR, but I doubt they will last more than an oil change. They seem to be working fine so far, but they have not been in there for more than 200 miles. When I change them, it will be for the F5DPOR's.
F5DPOR tend to work the best and can last a good long while 40k according to audi. There have been reported failures of these plugs I've never seen this first hand though. I'm using NGK PFR6Q gapped to the proper clearance on my urs4. These are the NGK equivalent to the factory bosch plugs.
agreed. and then my buddy tries to tell me that "they work", im like you drive a ford escort lol
i havent seen em fail either. had my car for 2.5 years beat on it everyday and they are still fine. got a spare set that came w the car though (score!)
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