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4k hydro break master conversion? How difficult is it to do?

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I'm interested in buying a hydro 5000 master and would like to know I the conversion is a difficult swap? The car has an AAN swap with power steering. Just need to know what pump and pedal or whatever is ness to complete this swap. Thanks for any input
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More trouble than it's worth people do the vacuum booster conversion for a reason.
That said you would need all the associated parts from a CQ or 90 20v Hoses>pump>bomb>brake MC>brackets>etc.
Thanks Austin, hey maybe you could stop out sometime and look at my 4k. I'd like to know what a good route would be for going through the car. It's got vems and an AAN swap already just don't know a lot about the chassis. Thanks for your response
I could probably do that at some point.
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