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5 cylinder turbo diesels

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At this point I am pretty interested in building an inline 5 turbo diesel. I understand how the diesel works and all for the most part. I'm doing research right now, and I'm sure there are others that are and have done research prior to this post. Basically here is the low down. Later in fall or winter I am going to pick up another audi probably a pre-96 one. Not quite sure what yet though. I'll probably drive that around for winter and then next year I'd be interested in swapping in a diesel. Here's a few questions...

1) Are there any differences between a gas & diesel short block in the way they are designed?

2) I know sizes can be different, but would using a normally "gas" engine block with a diesel head work as a diesel?

3) Is what makes a diesel engine a diesel engine in the head design (no spark plug holes?

4) If so, does that mean everything else is the same?

5) Also, I understand why diesel can run such high compression, but how do they obtain it?

6) Are there any 20v head (designed for diesel) that I can put on a 5 cylinder short block?

7) If audi doesn't make a 20v diesel (and if there is no way to make your own :wink: (by lets say sealing the spark plug holes>?)) Would a volvo or mercedes (if they made one, which I'm not sure of yet) directly bolt on an audi transmission? I know volvo is horizontally mounted so it'd fit different in the engine bay.

I'm going to keep looking things up, I'd thought I'd start a post to help with the search and for anyone else that is interested in a diesel.

Actually I guess there is another question,
Is there any limitation in turbo'ing a NA diesel (anything to worry about). Knowing that'd you have to have an exhaust manifold, maybe oil lines, or custom things built to accommodate the addition of a turbo.

Sorry for the long post. Thanks

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So the early 1.9l TDi engines were tranversely mounted? I'd want to use a pre-96 quattro transmission, not sure what car yet, but it will most likely be an audi 90 or 100 quattro. Whats the power to money ratio out of these things (the TDi 1.9l & 2.0l VW 4 cylinders) I know a diesel is alot torquier, but 100 hp is depressing. Thanks for the answers guys!
That's sweet! So I'd imagine I'd have to have one shipped over from europe. What's the market price for those engines used? I thought the 2.5l audi turbo diesels were v6's not inline 5's? Maybe if I took on a project like that it'd be time to go 034 efi. Thanks
Yes eurovan did come with them in the US, just found it. I only thought they had the 2.5l gas engine, but they did come with diesels as well. ..scroll about half way down and they list the engines available for the eurovan. If I could get one in the US it would deff save on shipping costs. Also Henka, yea I'd be interested in hearing what your buddy has to say about what he did.
ahhh, nevermind Canada got the diesels, US only got gas!!!!!!!
Yea you're probably right, just get an engine + tranny/rear diff combination all in one. This is prolly going to get expensive especially with shipping, but hey thats not to say it's not worth it! I-5 TDI is deff what I prefer.
Now that we're talking new TDI's, I really want a Q7, not that they're the sweetest looking SUV, but they are designed great in every aspect (performance, handling etc)
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