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5000 tq questions

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I just got a Audi 5000 tq.
What power can it make on stock internals with stock turbo.
There is a pipe going over the valve cover and down next to rad.What is that for?
How much boost is stock.
Thanks guys
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I was thinking of running seafoam motor treatment in the car. Anyone done it ? Is ok in a cis car
I believe the stock boost is about 8psi. A photo of which "pipe" you are talking about would help. I wouldn't seafoam the engine but that's just me. I know with a simple 1.8bar chip and spring you can make about 210hp or so at 15psi boost. Someone else correct me if I'm wrong.
for God's sake don't seafoam your engine! When I did it blew out several of my exhaust manifold gaskets that were fine beforehand. Ever since then I have had that all too obvious tick under load. I want to say that,stock boost is either 6 or 8 psi. Depending on your chip at 18 psi you can make about 250 crank HP with Ben Swann's super chip set. Add water/meth injection, a larger intercooler and more better exhaust and you'll be around 300 chow. The hose you are talking about is connected to the pre-turbo intake tract and is a vacuum source for the engine block to keep it from pressurizing under boost = good. that is the hose you are speaking of if it runs right next to your distributor cap.
I was just think of adding some seafoam to the fuel and see what it does.
Uh.... If anything just put some techron consentrate in with your next fill up (decent gas aka. shell cheveron etc.). Fuel additives are usually really hard on gaskets.
Alright well I admittedly went overboard on it and sucked the bottle into the manifold at idle. Anyway I did this with a fresh head and gaskets after about 20k miles and it started gassing out of the exhaust manifold/head joining surfaces. I use gumout regane as it's supposed to be a great product.
LOL. The whole bottle?
I cant remember but as you can imagine I NEVER bought that stuff again so I don't even have the bottle around to look. I just followed the instructions to a "T" so to say and it couldve been only a half a bottle recommended for that given method. In fact I think you are supposed to put half in the tank and the other half through the manifold as I described above. I was so sad after that haha.

Anyway to the OP, I wouldnt even consider the route of seafoam for any reason from personal experience; if you are having certain issues like bad gas mileage or something else warranting the sea foam's use, post it up. I read that it is especially destructive to gaskets that are on their way out. In my case I think it was just my type of gaskets were even more sensitive to it being that they were still newish, I guess.
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Almost any additives dry out gaskets. To the original poster, why were you think about doing seafoam anyway?
High mile car, idles a little rough and I have the stuff anyway.
Just saw the black box on passenger side inside has a Ben Swan sticker on it.How will I know what chip it is.?
I think if you open it, the writing will be on top of the chip. As far as idling rough I doubt seafoam would help in these cars. Do you have a boost gauge to see your vacuum at idle? Is your idle speed adjusted correctly?
Went outside to go check idle rpm and vacuum.Started up to warm her up she starts and the warmer it gets the harder it is to keep her going!!! Now I just get a sputter when I try to start it.
Any ideas?
I did have fuel dist. rubber off but all is in place again and all vacuum lines seem to be on.Hplow do I go about cleaning the fuel dist. ?
Uh.... you can't run the car without the rubber igloo on top of the CIS distributor. You don't really clean it in the sense that you're thinking. You just need to wipe out the air plate and make sure that it can move freely. Was it hard to run with everything hooked back up?
had it on yes,ran almost right when started then just went down hill as it got closer to normal temp.
Update:went out just before work just to see what it did from cold start still really rough and as soon as you touch the throttle it wants to die.I am thinking vacuum leak :curses:
does it wreak of gas, is the exhaust sort of black? When you start the car up cold and listen next to the fuel distributor do u hear a distinct clicking that sounds like a huge cricket once the car warms a bit more? Did u buy the car in this condition? Did you change any parts prior to this occurring?
It was running alot better when I got it.I toke igloo rubber off to see what it looked like and check the airfilter and I went through the fuse and relays to check them all
I'm guessing you don't have something hooked up to the rubber igloo then which is causing your vacuum leak.
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