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7A engine with loom and some more parts

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Looking to sell a running 7A engine,ecu and harness from a running coupe quattro. Speedometer show 114k miles on it.
I have also a coupe quattro gas tank; rear seat in black leather and passenger seat in black leather too. All the interior plastic trim in black including the center console with the 3 gauges. 1 spare 7A cylinder head w/o cams, AAN intake mani and exhaust mani. 4 15" wheels 5x112 on white (believe came from a cabriolet) a/c condenser , radiator , abs pump-module , p/s pump, 2 rear coupe calipers, 2 5x112 5k front hubs, 2 white pearl doors, rear hatch, 2 fenders, front and rear subframe, front and rear control arms, ....
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