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7a intake manifold bolts

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Greetings. In the midst of removing my intake manifold, I seems to have stripped one of the bolts. Does anyone know a part number for replacement bolts? This is for a 1991 90q 20v with the 7a engine.

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There are two different lengths used.
N0447242 M8X70
N0147263 M8X30
N0122293 spring washer
The ones that are on the lowest part of the flange, Not the bolts hidden under the fuel rail. Specifically the second intake from the front of the engine.
I searched earlier and didn't find anything. Just found this. Thanks man.

Take one of the good ones, go to your local hardware store and buy all new replacements to match. Thats what I ended up doing on my 8v Jetta.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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