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7a VC gasket

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Doing this next week along with intake mani gasket etc just want to make the right steps and just go through and replace all the hardware when I take it off rather than fighting with stuff that's older than me. From what I have gathered the intake mani has

N0447242 M8X70
N0147263 M8X30
N0122293 spring washer

But that being said, how many of each, and for the vc itself, I couldn't find the size of those anywhere, unless they are the same

Much appreciated



Just found this for the vc

6 - M8X30
4 - M8X70 1.25 pitch

Just need to confirm
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VC hardware as follows
N0447582 x4 M6X48X1.0
N0147053 x4 M6X25X1.0 superseded to N01470514 or N10080105 w/ washer
N0152761 thick washers
or spring washers you choose
ETKA says spring washers for the shorter bolts and thick washer for the longer bolts so 4 of ea.

bolts you posted are for the intake manifold. :wink:
Once again, much appreciated.

It's a matter of me finding them. Called fastenal but they didn't have most of them for whatever reason, I'm dreading calling audi directly and paying $$$$$$$ but the grainger around here only allows wholesale acct. purchases
Bel-Metric should have suitable bolts, and they're in Tyngsboro so you could drive there and get them if you're in a hurry.

Allen-head bolts are here: and hex-head here:

They don't actually have a 48mm bolt, but they have 50mm... if it bottoms just throw an extra washer under the head.
You might want to go to a 5mm longer bolt for the V/C hardware as it very common for the threaded holes to strip. Use a torque wrench to prevent over tightening them.
The 034 website has them. ... p-317.html
HTH, Chris
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