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83 URQ resto-mod

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I finally got my very own urq! Since the day I turned 16 this was my dream car. 14 years, a wife, and 3 kids later I finally got one! So here's my thread dedicated to its resurrection. This car was all I could afford so its beaten and broken but thats slowly going to change.....


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Nice! Martin's car? Looks good
Yes, this is from Martin. All things considered, its not that bad. It's been sort of a indoor swimming pool for the mice these last couple of years but that's all done and over with. On a positive note, all the interior insulation has already been removed....and been relocated into the exhaust pipe. LOL. What a mess.
Looking good,

I've got to come over and see her.

I've got lot's of tips and suggestions if you need

Keep the updated coming.


Craig :D
Nice, I like that you used the term resto-mod. It conjures up thoughts of 20vt's and such... ;)
Looking forward to it's progress, you're in good company here.

Is this the sunroof delete car?

Nice!! It seems like they all have their issues. The good part about your end of the country is you have a bunch of local know how to draw from. I'm looking forward to your project progress. I need all the motivation I can get.
Sorry I was talking so much at pub night! It just that the urq can get one going on and on pretty easily...

Looks like you have a good place to start. It's got to be better that what I started with:

More details of what was hiding underneath:
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quattro87 said:
The good part about your end of the country is you have a bunch of local know how to draw from.
Your absolutely right about that. These local guys know their stuff and have all been really helpful. The strange part is, it took me 14 years to find them. Honestly, up until a few months ago I had only ever seen 4 urq's and when I did, they were always traveling in the opposite direction. I never was able to stop and talk to the lucky owners. It wasn't until my 4th sighting that I finally found one in a driveway....parked. I did the reverse look up "stalker thing" just so I could talk to the owner. He too was very nice but in a very polite manner told me to find my own urq, he was keeping it. I was frustrated but also more determined than ever. At that time I already knew about the website but had never contacted the creator (Martin). One night I did, just to say the urq was my ultimate dream car and how much I liked his web site. It turned out to be perfect timing because he had one for sale.

Here are some more pictures the day I got it home.


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So whats the basic plan?
Katman said:
Sorry I was talking so much at pub night! It just that the urq can get one going on and on pretty easily...

Looks like you have a good place to start. It's got to be better that what I started with
I'm just trying my best to keep up with you guys. I've got lots to learn about these cars and I can't wait to go to the next meeting. I had a blast.

The fact this car has been sitting for something like 18 years has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance the car hasn't had 18 years of road rash and fresh salt. The downside is everything is siezed and I do mean everything. The car wouldn't even roll because of a rock solid LF wheel bearing. I also just removed the cylinder head last night and its much of the same thing. Even the turbo is seized. Overall its pretty good.

Also, you were right about the speedometer cable. 70K on the odometer was too good to be true. It was broken at the tranny end.


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loxxrider said:
So whats the basic plan?
Honestly, I'd be happy if this car could just wipe the smile off the faces of a few STI owners. Even if its just in a strait line. I know its juvenile but this car deserves that sort of power. With that said, the engine will definitely have electronically controlled EFI regardless of the quantity of valves. As for the rest I'm still deciding. I think I'll sort of let the condition of the car dictate that. As of right now the WX looks like it would have to be over-bored to be usable. Some of the cylinder walls are really badly rusted. Also, the interior is completely shot. I've got a lot of reading to do before I make any serious decisions but I'll give you a hint. This is a tool I purchased while building my old Jeep. I may have a few uses for it here....


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Nice tool!

John, why didn't we get this one for the LV lab?
It's in the works, but I need to finance a trip with the wife and let cashflow catch back up. Does this mean you want to go in halfs? :-D
That sounds like as good excuse as any to go V8/20vt!!!
How much of a pita was it to get the carpet out ?
I am glad that this one will see the road again.
Future for this poor soul was not looking good. It was about to be parted out due to lack of interest. Being a Canadian non sunroof car it would have been a shame to part/scrap it.
Welcome to the club and I will be watching this page with interest.

BTW, if you haven't already, you might want to register it in your name asap. MTO will need a dealer appraisal to calculate the PST on, better to appraise it now than later when it looks better.. and of course starting July we will pay 13% rather than just 8% tax. :frustrated:

Im jealous of the sunroof delete...
:stupid: Yea you get a stiffer shell, easier to paint, and don't have to worry about the seal, which is hard to find in good shape, leaking. It's not like anyone with any sense or at least anyone that doesn't like to gamble would actually try to use the sunroof in a ~30yr old audi.
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