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87 5k ECU replacement?

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So I'm replacing the ecu in my 87 5000 cs tq. I've found a few ecu's on ebay but I don't know if I need the same year ecu. Can anyone tell me what other ecu's I can use? Do any from the 100/200 work? And is it just plug and go? Is there any software or such work that has to be done? Does it make a difference if the ecu comes from an automatic?
Thanks for any help!
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Some modules for the MC engine (5000/200 10vt) cars have minor pinout differences. If you want to be completely sure, you need to match the MAC code with one that's in your car. Auto/manual is just a cut wire in the harness, and afaik they're the same ECU part.

There's some pinouts on this site, and he explains the auto trans wire, too:
I have a stock spare ecu from an 87 5000 cs tq manual Trans. U want?
Does it work well and how much? You can pm me.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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