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88 5000 help with air intake

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is there a way to get rid of the air box and just install a cone filter?
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With CIS? Not really, your fuel metering plate is bolted right to the air filter housing. Your air filter housing isn't going to be your power limitation.
Back when my 5ktq was a 10v on CIS we took the filter cover for the airbox, cut it completely open so it was a big open square, and then heat shielded the crap outa the exhaust manifold. Not sure what it did for power, but you could hear the intake noise a heck of a lot more as well as the diverter valve.
Here's what I did with mine, sounds pretty similar to Phils:

Volvo also has a CIS cone filter piece that one may be able to fit to the Audi box:
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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