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'90 Coupe $5000

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Must be smokin' some good stuff
He might get half that...

Wonder what the "aftermarket header" is...
Kliminati said:
Wonder what the "aftermarket header" is...
From reading his ad, he read up on some information, and tried to make the car something it is not. Since it is an early car, it probably has the stock header, but that would look like aftermarket to him.

Greg W.
Mileage: 160,xxx (odometer is stuck at 158k)
suuuuuure..... it just so happened to stick and i KNOW i have only driven it 2000 miles since it got stuck....
i already messaged the guy saying his car is overpriced. and that it's a stock header from the factory. he didn't seem interested in me helping him.
Listing deleted
he decided to keep it. he asked me to help him repair the issues.

guys name is Jesse. i may direct him to come here for answers so be nice ;)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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