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92 s4 heater core replacement parts.

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So my buddy needs to get all the parts for a heater core and blower motor replacement. We're getting a new heater valve as well, but there appears to be a second valve right next to the heater core on the air box, not sure where to get that one from? It's destroyed terribly and it's gotta be replaced. Or removed? Not totally sure. This whole c4 body stuff is over my head :roll: :?
Is there a brand of blower motor we should look out for? autohaus only has meyle and uro. I'd imagine uro being that it's NOT meyle, and it's $50 cheaper than the meyle.
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Heater valve next the heater box, there is the CC temp sensor in the plastic T fitting where the heater valve is on the T44.
Heater core and blower motor OEM is best crap like URO or meyle don't last. At least get a behr heater core but at that price you may as well go with the dealer part.
Can someone just make them out of brass for once...
The tube size on the heater core should be checked before ordering a replacement. When I replaced mine the vendor sent the smaller dia. had to send it back and lost a weeks time.
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