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A/C Compressor Diode

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Hi guys,

I bought a whole, used A/C system to install on my 90 CQ. I noticed it didn't have the diode on the compressor. Anyone know the p/n and where/how to install?

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Diode?? You mean thermal protector??
This ... html#click ? Not all a/c compressors will have this it is an add on.
yodasfro said:
This ... html#click" onclick=";return false; ? Not all a/c compressors will have this it is an add on.
Is it needed? What happens with it installed or not?

It's just there to prevent a voltage spike.....

"Audi issued a service bulletin, Group 87 # 92-02 on 4/08/92 for the 1988-91 Audi 100/200/V8/80/90 indicating that a new A/C compressor relay and a different compressor magnetic clutch wiring harness with a zener diode was used to eliminate a voltage spike that can occur when the compressor clutch cycles on and off during normal operation."
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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