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A ticking noise started, after head gasket change.

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Hey, the engine was running fine before i bent the valves on accident, by changing the timing belt. The car was stumbling and running bad, with no power at all when driving but there was no ticking. So i took of the head, had a machining shop change the valves and machine the head, do a vaccum test, put everything back fire the car and there is some ticking, that is pretty loud. Do you guys know what it could be?
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It isn't an exhaust leak, is it? Those can tick, and be pretty loud...
hydraulic lifters need to "rest" installed before starting up the car. probably you have a lazy one that is not full with oil
Started the car today, and no ticking or anything!! Im happy, its just running like crap when driving when i press more of gas pedal starts. But thats probably, because a piece is missing of my coil boot and its not getting good spark, so gotta fix that and see if anything changes.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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