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I have an upgraded factory ECU, has an upgraded MAP sensor, socketed chips and upgraded chips. Its also a mafless tune, and uses MAP only. It has no lift shift and launch control. I had an issue where i drove the car, (swapped 4000) no issues, turned the car off and went into work.

Came out of work, and the car would fire for a second then die. as if the car was out of gas. Monkeyed around for days checking everything. Then my mind turned to ecu. I thought why not ill check. Removed it, opened it and found that the tiny map sensor had ripped completely off the circuit board. all 8 small contacts.

I took it to a local computer specialist and they installed it back onto the circuit board. Cost me a hundo. plugged it back in and bam car starts right up. However it wont take any throttle input whatsoever. using the throttle seemingly turns off all fueling the car just shuts down. If i press very lightly it will rev a little.

After all that. when i put the ecu back together i accidentally knocked a resistor i believe, (tiny) off the board too, but the only thing that changed was now the tach wont work :/ So my question, is there an ECU GURU present that may be able to help?
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