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AAN Engine won't start after a weird problem...

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So I was driving in my AAN powered URQ, pulled away from a stop, accelerator half way when a sudden "pop" happened, lost horsepower, rough idle and a weird Hissing sound coming from engine. Thought I blew off a hose, sounded exactly like that except the hissing went with the engine RPMs, not the turbo spooling :S
I parked the car inspected everything (hoses) and it all looked good. Tried to start it and nothing! cranked but would not start... Anyone have an idea?

All Timing belt marks are matching up to their notches, took cam cover off, removed everything (thinking maybe a valve spring broke) but they all felt intact.

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popped signal line to ecu? keep looking. you will find it. surely it is something minor.
Thought about electrical issues but that shouldn't have made a "pop" sound and whistling/ whine afterwards.. :p
Have u found the problem?
yeah blown off hose by ICV, then looked like the Cam sensor failed, replaced and good to go again :)
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