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AAN swap into CQ Qs

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so i will shortly be swapping an aan from a 93 urs4 into my 1990 cq. I live in GA so AC is a must, ive been reading a ton of threads and it seems like most people delete the ac. why is this? and what are my best options?? TIA!
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My coupe was r12 and the urs6 I had was r134a refrigerant if you want to keep the serpentine belt the pump in in a different spot lines are different , I think the way I have seen it done was ether one off lines to fit your application , keeping the v belt set up in my opinion ( bad idea ) then I'm sure you need to retrofit to change the system to r134a h block or the orfice in to the evaporator I can't remember witch car has witch
there are many different approaches. many are oem, many are custom. Darin's 20vt has A/C. They used a smaller volvo compressor to work. You can use the full oem coupe quattro stuff, but you will have to use either OEM S2 oil return and oil pan extension, but you would also have to run the coupe quattro harmonic balancer.
I think you also need to change the hydraulic pump to a B3/CQ one, as the C4 pump's working pressure for the C4 rack is much higher than the B3/CQ
ok thanks, what are the downsides to just using the cq's harmonic balancer and keeping the v belt set up? ive seen it done on several swaps..., I also came across one swap, i'm sure there are others, where they had the rad up front instead of the stock configuration. does that make sense to do, or is that just someone showing off? Im not looking to go crazy with it, I don't have a welder so I don't want a bunch fab, id really want to keep it clean and as factory as possible. I'm looking for eventually running 300-350whp max when its all said and done, it is, and will be my primary car so it has to be reliable. Thanks for all the input, im planning on starting to pull apart the s4 this weekend, will def start a page!
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