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Aarons Co2 and sequential in car on dogbox

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gonna try something out this next time around..... got a motorcycle Co2 shift setup and am adapting it to suit my purpose. and i think it is going to work out just great.

i do weird off the wall stuff when i am bored. its only time and money right? this should be helpful for shifting this thing i would think/hope!

not that there is a ton of room for error, but still, a tenth down low is 2 tenths up top. and here every tenth counts!

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i love how straight and easy your car appears to go down the track. Yes I have seen vids of other quattros running 9's but they look like they are all over the place. Squatting and darting all over. Yours just cruses down the track and runs a 9. Awesome. Got to be so sick driving that thing.
Oh boy! Beast mode. This schwip sounds filthy!
That's seriously BA!
Now that you have an air shifter, you can make a paddle shifter setup, like all those super fast exotic cars :p

I had a friend that used to drag race a Hayabusa which already shifted awesome. The air shifter was even better and improved his consistency, I expect great things for your Audi. Do you have the engine set up to cut spark or retard timing when you shift, or do you just lift your throttle foot?
just so you know.... my 5 month old son who is sitting on my lap while watching these videos would laugh histericallyu every time you tested the air shifter and your trans shifted.
Yeah.......the shifter is great and all......but the hand in the air is the BEST!!!! :wink: :thumbsup: :cheers: :)
it already is set up to signal the ecu to shift-cut when i pull the lever.

this way, i will use the button that signals the Co2 shift to also cut, so they are both done at the same time.

How long does that bottle of CO2 last for this? Could it be used in a circuit car?
i only have a 20oz paintball size bottle, they say that it can do like 2-300 shifts for the 12oz bottle.... i dont know firsthand but i have a spare bottle that is full just in case.

and i suppose it could be set up with a second solenoid and button for downshifting, sure.
How much has this trans set up cost to date?
haha. to date? around $12 grand.

gonna be shooting for Aug 4th @ PIR in Portland OR for the Bug-In.

just got the cyl head back today after a FULL REBUILD with all new valves (Ferrea), guides, seals, and fresh valve job (of course) and a hand-lapped finish. was gonna hand-lap the deck surface on the granite but i am too lazy.

1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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