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Aarons latest First startup of the year

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gotta love firing up a new motor..... especially when it hits right off!

this was last nights fun. fires up right nicely. after about an hour and a half to put it all together, fill with oil, etc. after work mind you :)

racing next Sunday Aug 4th @ PIR for the Bug-In.

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Your neighbors must love you.
What's the coolant passages filled with?
NNNNNICE!!! :cheers: :thumbsup:
my neighbors LOVE me. well, except for the one old crotchety guy down the street. oh well.

no coolant passages filled. just fired up and run shortly without coolant. it has all that now....

yeah, i like the res. one cool thing? the Motive Power Bleeder screws RIGHT ON TO IT! no adapters or nothing. i bought an extra Tilton cap just in case i had to adapt it myself.
well mines not running yet, but im excited that the power bleeder goes right on, its sweeeeeeeeeet, will save me so much hassle
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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