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abz swap b5 help

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Since few weeks, I attemp to run my abz swap but, something wont....

All sensor saw something, vag-com read no code. ECU chipped 034 with tcu removed, immo defeat.
Measuring block seem all good.

ABZ swapped into b5, stock flex plate +034 flywheel insert. Tranny notch to locate crank sensor between 13 and 14th tooth (13th tooth valley)

During cranking,120rpm, plug sparking, fuel pressure is there. No fuel skirting.

I have 4 points in mind:

Crank position sensor is not accurate on location
ECU dont work properly
Injectors fail (8x fails together ?????)
Air injector injection valve fail

So, what could cause no injection skirt and coil sparking?

I perform many swap and all the wiring is good.

thanks for your help or clue
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Fault codes?

Tested injectors manually by applying 12v across the terminals briefly?
2 Faults Found:
17817 - EVAP Purge Valve (N80): Electrical Malfunction
P1409 - 35-00 - -
01183 - Warning Light for Catalyst Monitoring (K72)
31-00 - Open or Short to Ground

I have some news, I dont really know why but, injector was stock close, after many manual spark. All of them begin skirt. Now, engine try to start and do some back fire/smoke.
All coils spark.
When the motors try to start rpm increase to 160rpm (120rpm only on starter) but no more.

Anyone can confirm where the crank position sensor is suppose to be? Directly on 13th or between 13th and 14th like attachment?


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That looks like the same schematic I was given, and I think my sensor is about on the edge of the 13th tooth. We also have a B5 with an ABZ with the 034 chip and immobilizer defeat. and it runs! It hasn't driven yet tho.
There I also asked how the position sensor on ABZ
I have altered my flywheel as AKH, sensor looking on the end of the 13th tooth now.
I don't think that 3degrees .... prevent (word?) start the engine, if you sensor orient on the center of tooth or gap
I have taken as cash the last picture but, more I think about and more it seem to be weird to align sensor in a ''hole''. and in past since few year, I have install/tuned some standalone and I never put CPS in a valley between 2 tooth. This week-end I will try the 13th teeth. The sound of engine when I crank it seem like all work but not really at exact sequence.
Just to help maybe an other guys in furthur, the center of cps need to be locate directly on top of 13th teeth. I have found a automatic engine all stock to see where it exactly is.
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