These would make a nice project for someone wanting to clean them up.

They came off of a 2.8 12V 96 A4 running 17" wheels (OZ F1's were on the car)

They have extremely low miles on them and most of the rust and dirtiness is due to lack of use and sitting for some time.

The model number of these (as still can be seen by the intact stickers) is CAR7350H07ASRT

Min runout on the rotors is 28.0mm and these rotors are around 30mm. (New nominal is 32.0mm) They could possibly be turned and clean up but I'd try to source new ones. Specs on rotors are 332mm OD, 32mm thickness, 8 bolt holes at what looks to be 7.6" diameter. These may work (Pro-Cast Vented Rotors)

Also included are the aluminum Vortrag Motorsports adapters. One one the threads was stripped out (maybe 8mm or so of it) but I chased all of them with a tap and there is still a lot of threads left and 10mm longer mounting bolts will work if the adapters are to be retained and used. Otherwise it could be Helicoiled, etc.

Pads are worn out. I think they take the same pads as the Porsche Big Reds.

Buyer pays shipping, if needed.