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Any geekers around Mississippi?

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Hey guys I just moved back to Mississippi and I'm looking for some fellow vag enthusiasts to meet and chill with when time allows. I live in southern Mississippi right above Louisiana. I just want some fellow dubbers to meet and hang out with. My town has basically no car scene and all the guys around my town seem to be all muscle, jdm, or dsm. I don't mind hanging with them but I'd like to meet some people who share a passion for euros. Thanks
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By the way I live between McComb and Columbia and I am willing to drive to meet up.
I was in NW Mississippi for about 9 years. Not a lot of old Audis in the Midsouth. Maybe you'll have better luck further south?
Not many audis in general from what I'm seeing around thanks
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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