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Any one interested? B3 smoked euro tails

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I made a trade with a guy in Germany for a set of uber rare smoked OEM Hella B3 90 tails. I should finaly have them in a little over a week, and the more I have thought about it, the more I think I would rather keep the red tails in my black car. It needs a little contrast back there. :wink: So I figure I would see if anyone in interested in them. Like I said, these are very rare, hard to come by even in germany! I have only seen a 1 set of these for sale here in the states, and I cant remember what they went for.

Here are the pics I was sent.

Like normal, the center section has a few stress cracks. For those who dont know, this is very normal on this setup. The long senter section matched with late 80s, early 90s plastic made for stress cracks in the corners around the plate area.

If you are interested, shoot me a PM. Like I said, I should have them in my hands in about 10 days.

Thanks for lookng!
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No one interested in some awesome rare tail lights? Once I have them in hand, ill post better pics.
my friend might want them. or ill snatch them up one of these days. still want these pistons and rods?
Not really looking for trades right now. I have my eye on a K26 hybrid.
Even with as cool as this looks, its still too dark for me.
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id rock the shit out of them.
Its too bad they wont fit a coupe.
Bump to keep them fresh in your mind. Hoping they show up today!
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