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Anybody into vintage can ams???

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I picked up a 1975 can am 250 mx dirtbike at a yard sale for cheap. It needs the rotary disk and possibly the right inner engine case as it sucked something into the intake tract. Bike is very original and I am on the fence about restoring it or passing it on to another that may collect them. Thought I would post here.

Looks like this one here on the top left for those that may not know.
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ahh yes, when bikes were horrible and motocross riders were real men. I rode some stuff like that when I was getting into dirt bikes, wouldnt mind having a few old two strokes from the 70s to bang around on. Super fun bikes, but the kidney pain is immense! When I was in middle school someone gave me a 76 yz360...I got it running and used to rail around on that with no brakes. Had to lean it up on a barn and jump with my whole body to start it. Fun times...
Oh yeah Dana I remember the days too! Few buddies and me use to buy anything we spied leaning against a barn. Countless bikes given to us just to have them removed from the property! Filed the points on most and we were happy as larks. I had a 350 bighorn at 12 that was expansion chambered and meaner than anything. I had to take it to a hill to run down and bump start in 3rd. I couldn't touch the ground let alone start it. Getting off was tricky and I usually kind of laid it down in the grass unless a buddy was handy. My old kdx 450 is sitting in a barn calling my name. My dad told me under no circumstances did I let anyone else ride it because it would flat hurt them. A buddy bugged and bugged about riding it. Had a trick to start it and so I said if you get it started you can ride it. 45 minutes later he got it. I was shocked but all I could do was yell watch the power band as he rode off. Comes by the house pulls a wheelie in 3rd on just sheer torque and the power band came in and slapped him off the pavement ridiculously quick. Broke his ankle and laid in the road screaming sweet Jesus. Jesus was needed on that thing. Man those were the days! Still trying to relive them.
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awesome.. I still have the first bike i ever rode, my grandpas old sl100 sitting in the barn. Also have his old xl175. Some day I will fix them up again to putt around on. I think the sl dropped a valve when i was blasting around in the snow in high school being and idiot. Would like to have that running just to reminisce. A good friend of mine got a yz490 when we were like 15 (dont know who thought that was a good idea). It could not be started with the kickstarter, we thought it was just because the engine was too big. In hindsight im sure something in the kick starter shaft or bushing was buggered and causing it to bind under load. We would push that damn thing all the way up the hill in his road and push it down to get it started. Then take turns ripping down the tractor paths and in the sand pit. You were SOL if you stalled it in the sand. I thought that was just about the most powerful bike ever made. I got to ride one on the ice that was all set up a few year ago, it was easy to start and really fun set up as an ice bike!
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That is a cool bike, if you can find the parts and time I'd say save it. The early (1975 MX2) bikes were known for big power and not so good brakes/suspension/controls. In 76 came the updated MX3 known as the "black widow" which is a very desirable bike. All early CanAm;s are desireable and very cool though.

I have a 74 Yamaha DT250 in pretty nice original shape I took in partial trade for the samurai. I want to install an MX250 or 360 cyl/head for better porting (DT very mild) and some XT rear shocks for like 1.5" more travel. Its no motocrosser, but should be fun to cruise around on.
These bikes are ridiculously heavy though.

Death4K, cool you have an old SL. My first bike (after minibike) was an SL70. They are actually becoming quite valuable.
I miss My crf250 once in a while, I loved it but My knees and lower back didn't...for the record I Still miss My ducati Monster and Super Sport more.
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