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Anybody near Wichita, KS?

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Hi guys, im coming over to the us on the 18th august for a training course for 4 weeks. While im over im planning on buying some parts to take back home and put on my V8'd coupe quattro.

Is anybody nearby, would be great to meet some interesting cars while im there, and also id like some help locating some of the parts.


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Hi Kieron, I'm not even close to Kansas, but I had a couple of suggestions for you. If you post up what it is that you are looking for as far as parts, you'll have a better chance of bringing them home. It is unlikely that you'll find everything you need in Wichita, but parts could be shipped to somebody local from anywhere in the country. This way they can make it there in time. Also, it may benefit you (and us Colonials) if you were to bring some parts over here. Things like bagdes and other small bits that we did not get Stateside are usually good sellers and fit nicely into your luggage. That way people aren't paying 20$ for a small part and 25$ to ship it overseas. Hope you have an enjoyable and safe trip!
Good call thanks.
A lot of stuff I can buy from the manufacturers but I dont know if they will ship to my apartment/hotel.

Heres a list of what im after:
034 fuel surge tank for 044 pump
044 fuel pump
arp head studs for v8 (16v)
rossmachineracing oval stacks and tubing
16v exhaust head flanges
mustang #68 injectors.

As i said, ive sourced most of these bits but i dont know how the sellers will be when it comes to shipping to me.

If anybody needs anything small bringing over, id be glad to. Let me know. For starters, I sold a few sets of tie rod adjusters a while back.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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