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Anyone going to the ChumpCar 36hr endurance race in Spokane?

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July 5th 6th and 7th ChumpCar is holding a 36 hour endurance road race at Spokane County Raceway.

This is going to be EPIC! anyone else racing?
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wow, 36 hours would kill me... we only get 16hrs in the Midwest with Lemons; really wanting to run a full 24, but will likely have to travel or go to one of the coasts.

Chumpcar seems to have more long events, and got a MUCH better schedule in the Midwest this year: we had Gingerman in April(yeah, it snowed) whereas Chump has it in June, and we got Road America in November (yeah, DEFINITELY gonna snow) and Chump got it in August I believe (which was a beautiful time of year for Lemons last year)

I'd consider doing a Chump event for fun as I have no desire to argue about the value of my car (good luck finding 10 $ comps for a 1987 QSW), but their rulebook is real thick - although I don't think my car would need many modifications to pass tech.
Going thru tech at a chump race is real easy. I doubt that you would get laps with a QSW.

New fixed value rules coming out in August. then youll be in for sure. and no arguing about your cars value. or other people trying to cheat the value process.

So excited! 10 days. ... ata_player

I think this local guy i going in his rwd neon!!
Yes, that car was really fast last year when it was FWD
I did drive it at that same autocross and I must say it handles pretty nice , oversteers if you get on it too soon!!:)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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