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Anyone with 100/200/5000/coupe parts in seattle

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Looking for a MFTS as mine is on the fritz. Don't want to drive it too long as it's my understanding the 10v uses a signal from there to turn the tune down if it's grounded and thinks it's overheating...
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Roger they are not all that expensive new...

and 034 has the plug repair as the connections are most likely corroded on the plug... ... p-759.html
Yeah. I know they're pretty cheap. I just didn't like the idea of driving around with all those connectors unplugged while waiting for the part. The sensor probably has one bad contact on the inside as the temp gauge works. It's just the ECU/AC line that doesn't work. Sending a false ground signal. I did find a parts supply store that has a Mahle (supposedly) brand one that they'll have tomorrow for me.
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