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Audi 200 Black Sport Seats (Denver) $300

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I have a pair of front seats for an Audi 200 (should also fit V8 Quattros, and 5000's, not to mention other year 200's)

Overall they're in better shape than most, but are showing their age. They are becoming harder and harder to find, and in my opinion black is the best color.

There is a small hole worn through the bolster on the drivers side. All of the power adjustments work fine.

The passenger side heat works great, and the drivers side heat MAY work. I found out the switch in the dash has been disconnected the whole time, and only discovered this after swapping these seats in favor of S4 seats.

It may be best to assume the Driver's heat does not work, and be happily surprised if it does.

I would like $300 or I would entertain trades for wheels, tires, or 5cyl parts.

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