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Audi 90 quattro 2.5 TDI, now S2 Limo project

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Barely finished one project and already knee deep in another.
Just finished pulling the motor and transmission out of my B4 90 quattro.
I was going to enjoy the V6 a bit longer but the water pump failed on it... and since you have to take the front end apart to get to it, might as well just yank it out.

Plan is

- 2.5 TDI, yes, the one that was supposed to go into my old 4kq.
- 6-speed transmission
- RS2 shift linkage
- RS2 transmission mounts
- S2 intercooler and crossmember
- RS2 front bumper for functionality rather than look (stock bumper does not allow S2 intercooler).

That's about all... sounds simple, we'll see about that.. ;)

Pics of the car before the swap:

Update, 2019 TDI engine blown, now the car is sporting an ABY engine as close to original as possible to make is an S2 Limo.
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I think this will be a great project and one that i would like doing. In fact I had to exercise some self control last year when you had this tdi for sale. It will make for a good DD/cruise/commute car. I commute about 80 miles a day so something like this would be very practical for me. It looks like you have a nice base car to start with also. Keep us updated!!
Nice. So what car did this motor come from in Europe? Reaing your UrQ thread, it sounds like you have to use Motornic here - how much can you fiddle with it in order to run some more boost through?

Look forward to more progress.
The engine was one year only 1990 Audi 100 tdi, starting 1991 the C4 cars arrived with AAT and ABP codes, ABP was identical to he 1T but had a vacuum pump and 115hp.
The AAT had both EGR and a MAF to meet more strict emission standards.

I looked into having the computer chipped, it is possible only by couple of people in Europe, one of them in Poland, goes by the ame Aligator on most of the tdi forums.
You can also go all out and install most of the stuff from later I5 2.5 tdi motors.

Main goal here is economy and simplycity.

Keep us posted!

we really want to do a similar project, but the donor car will be an audi a6 (c4) wagon

why dont you try an s2 bumper? it will clear the s2 ic and much cheaper?
why not the v6 tdi? way more power!!!
varia said:
Keep us posted!

we really want to do a similar project, but the donor car will be an audi a6 (c4) wagon

why dont you try an s2 bumper? it will clear the s2 ic and much cheaper?
I already have the RS2 bumper (Rieger) and it cost me $100 new from RPI (had a small flaw).
The fogs and turns are Porsche 993 and bought cheaply used from a Porsche enthusiast forum ($200 for both sets).
Just need to make the mounting brackets now.

S2 bumper with all the grills fogs and turn signals imported from UK would cost me at least $700 if not more (got a quote today for 600 GBP).
If you can find me one cheaper I would consider, I do like the stock S2 look better.
Always had wet dreams regarding those rare S2 sedans ;)

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the_natrix said:
why not the v6 tdi? way more power!!!
Sorry, I'm an I5 kind of guy.. :wink:
cannot wait to see this!!
About the only V-6 TDI that is worth anything powerwise is the newer Common rail 3.0 motors. Most of the VE styles had camshaft issues and really don't make much. The I5 is an awesome engine, I also had serious contemplations with this engine when it was up for sale. I'll look forward to seeing this car to completion. Good Luck.

How close is the linkage and shifter setup compared to the 80Q? Would the RS2 stuff fit in my 80 too?
RS2 linkage should fit all typ 89 and B4 cars.

Well... since as of 10am this morning I am officially unemployed, I thought i'll get some work done on this project.. :slap:

Cleaned the engine bay, what a pita that was... good thing it looks semi-clean, otherwise I would be pissed.. :D

And this has got to be the cleanest southern Ontario subframe I've seen, most of them crumble up and fall apart by now BTDT twice at a junk yard, this car must have seen very little winter use.

Tomorrow i'll get the engine cleaded up and throw the 7A pan on... also try to remove the stock V6 wiring (you can see I cut the engine side already).

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Looking good Martin.

Beers on the weekend?


Unemployed? That sucks! Care to elaborate, even though it's none of our business?

Plus-side, more time to work on the car!
I'll leave the details for my upcomming auto-biography :lol:

Yep, more time with the car not to mention the family!

Not too long though, I don't want to be forced to sell some of the cars just to pay the bills.. :frustrated:

That is one clean looking car Martin.

I hope everything works out for you.

man...a TDi is my next plan for the avant...i`ll keep an eye on this...good luck!
Did some work finally, got the injection pump back on, took it off to clean the engine better.

Also this arrived this week (thanks Steve O).

After some grinding and swearing and some drilling we came to this.

They are held in with some sheetmetal screws for now, next will be welding them in.. I might ask Mr. Cook for his services, if I don't think my welds will hold up to the rigours and vibrations of the TDI.. :roll:
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I love this project! Makes me want a tdi bad. Are you using an 01E from a diesel as well?
Yep, 6 speed O1E from a TDI
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