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Audi coupe quattro CAGE info.

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hey, I'm looking for information on building 8 to 10 point roll cage.What are the specifications.
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good luck
for what rules? nasa is different from scca which is different from rally that is different from hillclimb which is different then roundy round racing which is different from drag racing.
Fia certified for track racing and hill climb
where are you and which hillclimbs? the hillclimbs I do dont require a cage at all.
Anyone have step by step on building a cage?
I`ll play...

1: Design cage
2: Bent tubes
3: Weld into place
4: Pray to never have to test it out...

Valentin might be willing to share some info about his cage for their pikes peak CQ.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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